Gets 3 M Euros from 3TS Capital

eÇift is a “serious relationship website” which was founded by sevenload founders Tamer and Akgün Kulmaç and Janset Çelik, and it has received a new investment. 3TS Capital is the 2009 December-born service’s 2. investor, following BrainsToVentures.

3TS Capital Partners invests in companies based in Central and Eastern Europe, and the company has made an investment of 3 million Euros in Elit Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi that owns and has become a minority shareholder. 3TS Capital Partners has made this investment under the name Teknoloji Fonu S.C.A. SICAR* within the framework of the cooperation it has made with Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi), which provides funds to capitals that are interested in Turkey.

eÇift was supported by angel investments of Konstantin Urban (b-to-v Partners AG, founder) and founder Stefan Morschheuser before. The website had 500 thousand members when it got investment from BrainsToVentures and today it has reached more than 1.5 registered members.

We have learned that the rapid growth of this service and positive cash flow has been effective in finalization of investment, and that the both parties aim to extend eÇift to Turkey and other countries with more users.

*S.C.A. SICAR, also known as 3TS Cisco Growth Fund, is Technology Fund in Central and Eastern Europe, and it was started as a start-up capital fund, which Cisco made investment as the first investor in 2007 November. The fund aims firstly to make growth investment to technology, media and communications companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

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