Tamindir.com Renews and Gets More Powerful

Devrim Demirel, founder of Beriltech, had invested in Tamindir.com, one of the most popular program download websites in Turkey, and given the news of upcoming developments. Tamindir.com caught attention with its recent news a short while ago, and we have gained some information from Devrim Demirel about them.

Tamindir.com, with its founder Caner Bayraktar, is a small and happy team which has been developing and growing since 2004. The platform of this service was coded from scratch in 2011, which has become its best user interface ever. The details of this successful interface are hidden in the steps Tamindir.com took for its contents.

Tamindir has renewed its content and business model, along with its design, while it has also added a blog including a video, mobile and web applications part and tech news. Its  gaming page, which is not enabled for now, will surely be an important source for large amount of traffic.

Devrim Demirel says that service has had a growth of 15 percent since July when we made the news of investment.

The service has reached 8,5 million unique members in November and more than 300 thousand visitors and more than 1 million page views. The service has a challenging but possible growth target for 2012, which is 50 percent. We can say that this target can get bigger with an international development, depending on the program download page in English, but we do not have any information about it yet.

Tamindir has added updated information feeds to its software, while it also created a video studio for exclusively made Turkish videos. This studio works as a source for shootings, device and software reviews and exclusive interviews.

Tamindir.com has also enabled new membership system and added program list creation feature to user profiles. With real time user activity share, users can have closer social interaction. These features are not of course new, but the fact that they have come together on this platform underlies an important vision that allows for user loyalty.

CNT Bilişim has also made some developments for Tamindir’s search features and started to add mobile devices, web applications and cloud products to the platform. New archive features of service also make it possible to download older versions of programs. Most downloaded programs in Turky have also been transferred to Tamindir CDN service.

I think Tamindir.com looks like Quixey a little bit and no doubt that it will be loved by amateur and professional internet users. The developments of mobile part of this platform are an indicator of the growth on which we will have more information by the end of the year, not to mention that CNT Bilişim is modeling the perfect consistency which all Turkish start-up owners should copy…

Original Post: Tamindir.com Yenilendi ve Güçlendi

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