Founders of Markafoni Partners with MarkMost

MarkMost is a service that offers a new structure of group shopping, and we have received a new development on the service, following the new revenue partnership system. It was today confirmed that Markafoni’s founders Ahmet Emre Sarı, Sina Afra and Tolga Tatari have become partners with MarkMost.

We know these three names for their investments including and, besides Markafoni. MarkMost, having Erdem Yurdanur and Tarkan Onar among founding partners, is planning to speed up its growth and carry its business model to international markets with this partnership.

Sina Afra said the potential of the project for international markets is very exciting:

The fact that an idea with a global potential has come from Turkey has excited us very much. We wish to carry the system of MARKmost, which differs from group shopping, to success, first in Turkey then in international markets with Erdem Yurdanur and his partners.

While Erdem Yurdanur says this new partnership will accelerate the growth of MarkMost:

Markafoni has positioned itself as one of the major e-trading websites in Turkey in a very short time. It has pleased us that the team which succeeded this in such a short time has believed in and moreover made investment to it. With the help of this investment, we believe that we will carry to much better positions first in Turkey, and then in other countries, with the participations of Sina Afra, Ahmet Emre Sarı and Tolga Tatari. is a long-term project which offers a business-friend and customer-friend infrastructure, and as a tool that enables SME’s from every industry meet the Internet. I hope that with this project we will create an influential project in our country once again.

As per the contract, 12.5 percent of MarkMost’un is owned by Akinon, which includes Ahmet Emre Sarı, Sina Afra and Tolga Tatari. Also, MarkMost will begin to promote joint campaigns with Markafoni according to the contract.

Erdem Yurdanur has told me that the company’s first target is to reach 500 thousand members in 5-6 months’ time and then carry the project to international markets. It is for sure that Markafoni team is very experienced in carrying Turkish project to international markets, and it will have a major affect in this project.

Original Post: Markafoni’nin Kurucuları MarkMost’a Ortak Oldu

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