Majority Sale of Grupfoni Confirmed

We had written about the news of Grupfoni, whose 55 percent was sold to a disguised company  on 11th November. Today, NOAH Advisors, the negotiator for the acquisition, made an announcement on the issue.

NOAH Advisors did not mention about the percentage, but confirmed that majority of shares were sold, while announcing that the group acquiring Grupfoni shares is Swedish investment company Quants Financial Services.

The announcement that wasn sent to us has also detailed information on Grupfoni. We can see that Grupfoni has currently 1,4 million members and daily 150,000 visitors. Also, the company has sold 1.4 million coupons and offered 7000 promotions.

UPDATE: Burak Hatipoğlu, Grupfoni GM, said the data sent by NOAH Advisors is not up-to-date and the correct figures are 1.93 million members, 200-230 thousand unique visitors, 13,595 promotions in total and a total of 1,489,000 coupon sales as of today.

With this announcement, it has been confirmed that Quants Financial Services AG has acquired the shares of Klaus Hommels and Oliver Jung, Grupfoni’s first investors. Also, Emre Kurttepeli is among the first investors leaving Grupfoni with this acquisition.

We have searched about Quants Financial Services AG, and learned that company’s board includes some interesting names as Alper Erinç and Ali Can Kaya.

The investors making this acquisition whose names are disguised are not necessarily the board members of the company we have mentioned above. But we can at least say that a Swedish based investment company, Quants Financial Services AG, is a group that has Turkish investors, and it will be included in the list of companies that are in our radar.

Below you can find the document shared by NOAH Advisor, with general information about the acquisition.

Grupfoni Transaction Case Study

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