OZN Medya Focuses on Diapers and Other Baby Products After

A new player is joining the diaper market which is expected to be a 900-million-dollar market in 2010. Having stepped in e-trading with, OZN Medya has recently introduced could be the most important domain name that OZN Medya owns in the area of e-trading. The average for Google results for baby diaper search is over 33.000 on a monthly basis while the great scale of the industry promises profit as well as competition. It is important to remember that OZN Medya also bought some generic domain names such as, etc.

There is not yet a service put into operation in the area of vertical e-trading on these domain names; however, having the highest potential, may act as a trailblazer.

Before moving onto the details of, let’s point out a significant detail on this matter. If you remember, Amazon has invested 540 million dollars, the greatest amount to be seen in the industry so far, in which is based on diapers and baby products. We have no doubts that had largely analyzed as a successful leading example in the market before entering into the segment.

The target audience of has a significant place in the consumption industry. The reason is that the word ‘baby’ calls to mind a large-scale product range. Being in operation with 22 brands at the moment, products targets babies, kids and mothers and wants to be a new and strong player in this area where discovered the marketing potential years ago.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that it is not the diapers product range bringing the majority of the profit in as well as Byproducts, even the shopping periodically done for babies’ basic needs on a monthly basis, provide the energy of this model.

We know that there are diaper producers in the market who are already in e-trade business. On the other hand, (aforementioned in the article) is another model to analyze and implement as a success story. Considering all of these, OZN Medya stands a very high chance to achieve success with since it has a significant e-trading experience ( to support, the market has a large scale and e-trading volume is growing.

Vertical enterprises are very likely to receive investment in the Turkish e-trading market leading us to think that will be directly targeting at this potential.

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