A New, Private E-trading Site Joins iLab Family

The number of private shopping sites was on a big rise until lately. When the big players came to the front stage, this increase stopped and now we only get to talk about the big players. got noticed more and more at this point and became known in the market with iLab investment.

Hamdi Külahcıoğlu, the General Manager of Beyaz Kutu, told us that the venture which started to provide full service in January this year, has now reached 250.000 members and 2500-3000 orders on a monthly basis. As an indicator of the target audience, it achieved 3 times greater average than (discount-oriented) private shopping sites per basket. Beyaz Kutu, growing in organic terms, succeeded in selling to the 40 percent of its customers 2 times or more and its path crossed with iLab Ventures.

Hamdi Külahcıoğlu shares with us that Beyaz Kutu, for which the founding partners (Serdar Çınar, CTO) invested 1 million TL, has reached an investment amounting to about 2.250 million TL with iLab (including the option it will use) and that they have come to the last stage of another investment with the same rate. This achievement let iLab to succeed in another e-trading investment after Gittigidiyor and Unnado and it is likely to provide the private shopping model with a new momentum.

Let’s talk a bit more in details about why iLab invested in Beyaz Kutu. Beyaz Kutu has positioned itself as the online authorized dealer of many popular brands and it does not show much interest in outlet line which is the basis of many private shopping models. When it puts the discount items in sale, it mainly focuses on the new season items. Furthermore, it imports some brands so as to sell them as exclusive Beyaz Kutu items. Therefore, iLab avoids getting involved with the Limango, Markafoni, Trendyol triangle and is provided with an open path.

Discount shopping sites will not lose their attractive ways, however e-trading stores will also find a place for themselves in the e-trading market. There are currently some big, private shopping sites which focus on this market and raise the discount product base. Our e-trading volume is getting ready to pass over 20 billion TL and will continue to grow incrementally.

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