Turkcell’s gnctrkcll is the First Turkish Brand to Use Twitter Advertising

If you log in on Twitter via Web, you will see that gnctrkcll, the youth platform of Turkcell, is now a sponsored account under Who To Follow on Twitter.

Promoted Accounts is one of the advertising models of Twitter still in Beta and Turkcell is the first Turkish company to use Twitter ads.

This campaign will continue with Promoted Tweets and the second stage is going to be on during the evening hours. In this campaign, certain tweets by gnctrkcll account will be visible as the top search results when searched with related key words on Twitter and will be directly visible as Sponsored in the timeline on the main page of the target audience.

Turkcell, as the first Turkish company to use Twitter advertising, is aiming to increase the number of its followers on Twitter and inform the users about the different gnctrkcll rates and campaigns.

The second stage of the campaign which is run by Publik and Mindshare, the media agency of Turkcell, will start in the evening and reach even more users. Considering that the agenda is not very busy, gnctrkcll can even become a Trending Topic with this campaign.

In the past, Burberry had a global campaign on Twitter with Burberry Turkey as a Promoted Account which was viewed by Turkish users. However, the campaign was not developed and run in Turkey.

Twitter ads, which are in closed beta process and can be used by brands of certain size only, are introduced in our country with this Turkcell campaign. To be honest, I assume that the other big Turkish brands will also be visible through Twitter advertising from now on. We do not have any information on the campaign budget, yet we do know from the foreign companies using Twitter ads that they are not affordable at all for the time being.

I will update the article as we hear news from the campaign.

Update: The first Promoted Tweet is published. It is not visible on my profile yet; according to the description, the promoted tweet will be visible to the users who have similar interest areas as the followers of Turkcell account.

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