New Round Investment for Completed – There are Familiar Names among Partners!

We have learned that auto classifieds service has received a new round investment. The amount is not certain yet, but we have some hearsay that have yet to be confirmed. has guaranteed to be on the safe side for the next period with the new round of investment that has been finalized with a large number of investors.

As I have said the amount of the investment is not certain yet, but we can say that this round has been completed with an amount of over million TL. We will update this article when we get a confirmation from the company.

It is quite impressive that Akinon, which is owned by Markafoni partners, is among the investors of So it will not be wrong to say that Sina Afra has become one of the partners of You can see that Akinon is one of shareholders with a percentage of 0.79.

 We already knew that Çağlar Erol is among the investors of His share rate dropped from 4.63 percent to 3.65, while the founder of the company, Birol Kabakoğlu’s shares fell from 67.15 percent to 52.83 after the last round of investment. However we can say that Birol Kabakoğlu still represent a good level of shares as the founder.

Another outstanding name among the new investors of, which mostly has global investors, is Yunus Güvenen. Founder of Digitouch, Yunus Güvenen, has 0.52 percent of following the investment. BTW, Çağlar Erol is also a Digitouch investor. had received its first investment from CF Partners (CFP), which is also the investor of, and now the company has several Germany based investors as its partners. – CFP is listed as above.

When we receive new info, we will be updating this news which I consider very important for Turkish internet market.

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