iPara: New Startup From GittiGidiyor Founders

New Project of GittiGidiyor founders, iPara has gone online. Partners of this new startup include Serkan Borançılı, Burak Divanlıoğlu, Aydonat Atasever, Tolga Kabataş’ın and Cenk Angın, current GM of GittiGidiyor. iPara is aiming to create a safe shopping platform for both e-trading websites and users.

iPara lets its members make shopping with their iPara accounts from specified e-trading websites, without having to use credit cards, while providing products safety for users and not only information security (or credit card safety).

I have gained information about this new service from Serkan Borançılı upon the launch, and this information has med me believe that iPara will make a difference in the industry with particularly its product safety features.

Let me explain why: you do not have to give out your credit card number to shopping websites with similar services to iPara, for example PayPal, too. But the difference with iPara is that, if you want to return the product you have bought, or the product has a defect, you get money refund directly from iPara. The service has a feature that is similar to GittiGidiyor’s Sıfır Risk (Zero Risk) system, which makes it possible for its members to give “product received” confirmation and make the payment go to e-trading website as they receive the product.

iPara receives 2.4-4 percent commission on purchases and offers plans for shopping, it also takes on chargeback responsibility of businesses.

iPara has started its operations with a team of 15 people, and whole management is carried out by GittiGidiyor founders. You can already feel the experience of GittiGidiyor team when you look at the advantages the startup offers for e-trading websites and users.

In short, iPara is online and open for registration now. So you can try out this new service and create your account after registering. However, which the websites you can user for shopping is not announced yet. As I have learned, e-trading startups that co-founders partner for will first be included in the seller network, so get ready to see Markapon, Pabbuc and İndirdik among iPara network seller.

We will all wait and see the positioning of iPara in the industry and how this new startup will compete with the global rivals. But more important is that it’ll be very exciting to see the founder team with a new startup in the industry after 215 million dollar GittiGidiyor acquisition

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