Social Gaming and New In-Game Ad Opportunities with Zynga

One of the major names of Webrazzi Summit was Ryan Linton from Zynga, who participated in such an event in Turkey for the first time. It was also a great opportunity to be informed of social gaming from one of the leading social gaming companies for those who are interested in this area which becomes more important each day and attract interest.

Ryan said social gaming is the new form of having fun with your family and friends and started his presentation by answering a question everyone wants to hear its answer: “Why has social gaming boomed?” Ryan said the reason is first they are very easy to play. And second, it is social and therefore has a viral affect.

Ryan tried to explain the vastness of social games by comparing them to TV shows. For example, weekly audience for NCIS is approximately 11.5 million, for American Idol this figure is 15 million and for Dancing with the Stars 16.4 million people. Meanwhile weekly active gamers of FarmVille make a total of 18 million. For CityVille the audience is greatly more; 31 million.

Ryan also gave the time spent by the users comparatively. An average user spends 2.5 hours on Google. Likewise, users spend 2.5 hours a week on YouTube. On the other hand, average time spent on Zynga games is already 6.5 hours a week.

Ryan says the reason for this is the fact that social gaming is the news form of entertainment.

According to the figures Ryan has shared with us, Zynga has an average of 60 million active gamers per day in total, and 232 million per month. These millions of gamers from 166 countries play Zynga games in 17 languages.

Social games also provide interesting opportunities for new generation advertising and marketing practices.

One good example would be Zynga’s game CityVille, which players are offered to use BestBuy store as a building in the game. According to the Ryan, BestBuy store that is integrated in the game is used by 7 million players and average interaction count per user is 20.

BestBuy is not the only example that Zynga uses for this new and significant in-game marketing purposes throughout social games. McDonalds’ cyber FarmVille field or thte fact that it has been sold with Zynga codes that you can get cyber products for some other products for one week at 7/11 is another interesting and effective method.

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