Tümay Asena: Today, We are As Excited As We were in 2001

Webrazzi Summit 2011 has just started with Arda Kutsal making the opening speech. I guess you are watching it live and sharing this joy with us, but I want to share the summary of the first part for those who have missed it.

First Arda Kutsal took the stage, making a summary of last year. He added that today we would talk about the details and future of the industry, rather than highlighting the rise of Turkish internet ecosystem.

Arda Kutsal gave the floor to Tümay Asena, the founder of Nokta, after his opening speech. Asena said he had the same excitement in 2011, as he had in 2001 when he first started the job. Asena pointed to the development in Turkish internet industry, while adding that local content has been started to be produced, which is supported by online media companies.

Tümay Asena also mentioned about the growth of Nokta, which showed an increase of 15 percent for web part, 92 percent in social and 1709 percent in mobile. Asena mentioned of a major internet market in his presentation, while adding that not all of the rise in mobile market is a result of Nokta’s own capabilities, but there is a transformation in mobile industry. Asena sincerely admitted that they have a long way to go to catch up with this transformation.

Tümay Asena also shared the information that they lay great importance on mobile, and we use social networks (social web) more than mobile devices, pointing to the future of the internet market.

Asena said he believes that content will increasingly be created on mobile platforms and stored in social web. Gaming theory and mechanics will be among basic motivators for most of our digital activities for both us and our friends on social web.

Location information and our habits will make the contents more meaningful by making them useful. They will re-shape mobile e-trading, while offers and discounted sales will gain value in parallel with location.

Tümay Asena quoted Mary Meeker as saying the most important tendency of 21. century are internet and connected devices, while reminded that Nokta is one of the official launch partners of Facebook Timeline at the end of his speech. While adding that he believes Zuckerberg mentioning Nokta in his speech is the result of the importance given to Turkey (and 30 million users), Asena said they achieved 32.3 million clicks in 2011 and he wants to achieve this success on mobile in the future. Asena said he wanted to support Webrazzi Summit next year too, which will be the 4th time. He thanked to all of those who contributed to Turkish internet ecosystem.

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