Sina Afra: Our aim is to reach a valuation of 1 Billion Dollars within 3 Years’ Time

It was quite an interesting moment when it was mentioned during the interview with Arda Kutsal and Hanzade Doğan Boyner at Webrazzi Summit that Doğan Online has been recently interested in Grupfoni but could not reach an agreement with them. As a coincidence, Ms. Boyner was followed by Sina Afra and as you may guess the talk after this point.

When Arda Kutsal asked Sina Afra why Doğan Online and Grupfoni could not reach an agreement, the answer was “You never know what may happen in the next 3 months”. Sina Afra said Grupfoni works and will continue to do so with both local and foreign partners, allowing some room for the possibilities of development on this side.

Markafoni being a pioneer Turkish e-trader across the borders is one of the important assets. Having taken the first steps abroad in Australia in 2009, Markafoni is currently operating in 4 countries besides Turkey. Most recently, Markafoni brand name has been established in Poland in August (apart from Russia and Australia).

Sina Afra said that they consider expanding their groups abroad within 4 to 6 months. He underlined that their special target in this respect is the developing countries including especially Eastern Europe, India, Brazil and South Africa. The reason to focus on these countries is that the developing countries grow faster and that they provide more convenient conditions for competition. Finally, it is one of their targets to reach 12 to 15 group companies.

As for the marketing budget, Sina Afra explains that they had not had any marketing expenditure for the first 1 million Markafoni users after which they dived into digital marketing with a budget of around 20 to 50 thousand and achieved very productive results. Today, their marketing budget reached 1 million TL a month including digital channels only as well as all of the group companies in Turkey.

In line with marketing measurement, Sina Afra says the best return in Markafoni has been achieved by the invitations which are followed by Google Ads and then the affiliates and finally the Facebook.

One of the most popular topics recently is the TV commercials of Markafoni and Zizigo. Sina Afra explained the purposes and the targets of these two TV commercials. The reason why TV commercial is preferred for Markafoni is to raise the brand awareness. The reason for Zizigo is, however, more direct growth. What is more, Zizigo already reached their target with this ad campaign which was, in fact, supposed to be reached in April 2012.

Sina Afra also explained two of the targets which Markafoni aims to reach within 3 years. The first of these targets is to globalize a Turkish e-trade brand. The second one is to make it possible for a Turkey-origin company to reach a valuation of 1 Billion Dollars.

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