Seedcamp will be in İstanbul at 2012!

Reshma Sohoni from SeedCamp was among foreign speakers of Webrazzi Summit 2011. Reshma talked about Seedcamp in short and its work model in her presentation.

SeedCamp accepts nearly 2000 applications a year, and mentors 200 of them, while makes seed investment to 20 of all applications. SeedCamp has a very fast operating system, and can respond to applications very rapidly, thanks to around 1500 mentors. One of the most important success stories of SeedCamp belongs to one of the start-ups it has made investment, which has been sold for 50 million dollars in 2 years.

Most of the applications delivered by SeedCamp are from UK by 24 percent of total applications. Unfortunately Turkey makes up of only 1 percent of all applications. Reshma said there are many events and organizations that can attract investors in Europe besides SeedCamp, and invited Turkish users to interact with Europe more actively. In this sense SeedCamp has done its part by giving the good news that it will hold an event in Istanbul in 2012.

Reshma also pointed out that US investors has become more active in European market, while adding that clone projects are less likely to get investment.

One of the best tips Reshma gave for start-up owners who are planning to act globally was that start-up owners should focus on new ideas that are both native for their markets and able to attract interest globally.

Original Post: Seedcamp 2012′de İstanbul’da Olacak!

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