Jan Rezab of Socialbakers and The New Generation Marketing at Social Media

Everybody knows about the effects of social media these days but the real challenge is to measure this effect and thus manage it. Jan Rezab, who attended Webrazzi Summit last year, too, is the founder of the company then called Facebakers and has joined us this year, as well. Socialbakers, as it is now called, allows Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ which they announced at Webrazzi Summit as well as Facebook.

The huge interest taken by the Turkish users in the social media naturally thrills Facebook as well as Socialbakers. Jan, therefore, closely monitors the progress of social media in Turkey, and shared with us interesting figures specific to Facebook mainly and what the brands can do to make better use of Facebook for marketing purposes.

It is an important development that a year ago the number of Turkish Facebook users increased from 23 million to 30 million. However, as Jan mentioned, what is more important that brands are now taking higher interests in Facebook pages. The pages of the brands which pay much more attention to social media marketing have now reached 5 to 10 times more fans within the same period.

The users take more interest in Facebook compared to last year and the brands are more enthusiastic than them, yet this enthusiasm is not always enough. For example, according to the statistics that Jan shared, the type of content which is shared most by the brands in Turkey is link. Because, the brands want to direct the users to their own web sites as much as possible. Unfortunately, however, links rank among the lowest when it comes to the contents which the users engage in the most. For example, status update is the most advantageous content type in terms of user engagement.

Furthermore, then the current figures in Turkey are taken into consideration, the time when the Facebook page fans engage most is 2pm. Needless to say, this figure may change in time depending on different conditions and brands but the important thing here is that such measurement help increasing the level of user engagement.

Jan also listed 5 main titles which should be considered well when it comes to marketing on Facebook:

  1. A team to create and manage the whole process,
  2. Communicate with the users,
  3. Planning how to use the social media planning for more than a couple of weeks, even for a year.
  4. The agreements with the business partners may act as an important tool to enrich the content of the Facebook campaigns.
  5. And of course measurement is a must to see if all these efforts pay and to optimize the process…

Finally, Jan lists the important points to measure on Facebook:

  1. Who are the fans?
  2. The engagement rate between the users and the brand references,
  3. Measuring the engagement in terms of the likes and the expectations of the community,
  4. Following the activities of the rivals in the social media can help you create more different or more successful campaigns.

Original Post: Socialbakers’dan Jan Rezab ve Sosyal Medyada Yeni Nesil Pazarlama

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