Hanzade Doğan Boyner: The turnover of Doğan Online is 700 Million TL

After Arda Kutsal’s introductory speech and Tümay Asena’s presentation, Webrazzi Summit 2011 hosted Mike Read of ComScore and then continued with an interview with Hanzade Doğan Boyner.

Hanzade Doğan Boyner, The CEO of Doğan Online and Doğan Journalism, said that her first internet-based conference in Turkey is Webrazzi Summit and shared important facts. She explained that it was a whole different world when they first got into online business in 1999 and added that there were really few domestic sites for advertisement. In other words, she talked about the days when there were no Facebook, Twitter or Google, which most of us probably do not even remember.

Hanzade Doğan said that today everything is quite different. Now we have broadband in villages, Hepsiburada was once established in a small office but now expanded on an area of 20.000 squaremeters; in short, internet ecosystem has grown on a very large scale.

Hanzade Doğan said that Doğan Online reached 14 million unique members and 3 million active members and that Doğan Online has a turnover of 700 million TL. It was noteworthy of her to mention that Doğan Online is going to grow incrementally in 2012 and that finding a good idea is important but so is putting it into practice.

It was in this session that we found out that Doğan Online can grow with investments as well as organically and that they sent an offer to Grupfoni (which is not finalized yet). Having mentioned that group buying is an important model  but it has difficulties, too, Hanzade Doğan also told us, upon the questions by Arda Kutsal, about the areas they may invest in.

Hanzade Doğan shared with us that they are interested in advertising technologies and mobile advertising infrastructures while they also have a strong belief in traditional e-trading (e.g, hepsiburada.com) and consider vertical sites important, too. As for the investment scale, she says, they do not experience a stringency finding resources. Hanzade Doğan, “Now it only matters to find the right persons and right opportunities. Resource issues are resolved through foreign funding and we do not feel restricted at all in investing in this area.”

Last but not the least, she expressed that investors who both put money and take part in a business are important and that they have not seen an example like Doğan Online before on a global scale and that if they find the right investor (the need for capital never ends in terms of geographical growth), they can obtain some smart capital but going public is also on their agenda.

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