Facebook Platform forms the frame of Social Internet

I attended the Facebok Platform sessions at Webrazzi Summit which have been going on at a fast pace. During these sessions, where the live broadcast is done quite smoothly if you ask me, the Facebook team provided quite significant facts with nice presentations.

Facebook Platform

Firstly, Amina Belghiti introduced the Facebook platform. She talked about the positioning of Facebook and underlined its effectiveness on managing our virtual community. Then, she went on to detailing the Facebook Platform.

Explaining that Facebook Platform consists of the data, tools and the products which socialize the companies, Belghiti expressed that this platform mean traffic, interaction and money. She further said that Facebook platform is based on a social design.

The reason why Facebook could leave behind the photo sharing sites (more than the first three places) is that Facebook platform is human-focused and that Facebook has rebuilt the internet around people. Belghiti gave the example of Amazon which uses Facebook platform in depth. İzlesene  member sign in rates increased by 70 percent and the comments by 2500 percent via Facebook login. Defined as easy and fast, Facebook platform keeps Facebook with its 800 million users alive and provides the interaction among the users.

Belghiti shared that totally 7 million applications and web sites are associated with Facebook and offer new experiences. Facebook Timeline applications are developed to keep our stories, and our actions will be saved in our history without any effect on Timeline. Ticker, newsfeed and profiles also help sharing and discovering these stories.

Lastly, Belghiti finalized her presentation “Keep your attention on developing better applications and focus on the users. Publishing is the job of Facebook. React in the appropriate way for the interest shown with different buttons.”

New Generation Applications

Facebook Developer Support Engineer Barış Yesugey said that they are interested in the issues that the users experience on Facebook and that this is a very enjoyable job to do.

Yegusey shared that the Facebook platform includes: Social plug-ins, Discussions, Graph API(User, App, Page, Credits, Places, Ads) and important Standards (HTML, HTML5, JSOn, OAuth, Open Graph).

Explaining that Web sites, mobile, applications, Facebook canvas and pages serve to more than 500 million active Facebook users, Barış Yegusey further expressed that more than 20 million applications on average are uploaded and that the news can also be shared below the like box. What is more, TTNet Music mentioned a campaign which has become active by 21 thousand fans.

Barış Yegusey pointed out the importance of the transition from Social Graph to Open Graph between 2007 and 2010 and that this is the fuel of Facebook platform. He talked to the Facebook Social Graph developers about how timing matters.

Expressing that Facebook was once more of a friend-finding site but it evolved in time into a platform to communicate with web sites, Yegusey also added that Facebook receives content from Yelp and provides user info in return (info dispersed on Facebook).

According to Yegusey, applications which care about real life relationships are gaining more and more importance. An example for this is the like buttons of Diesel being moved to the stores with QR code and the opportunity to buy tickets for your friends with Ticketmaster Facebook Login.

It has been emphasized that the new timeline offers a richer link and that the developers can develop their own like buttons.

Measurable Word of Mouth Marketing

Serhad Bolukçu, CEEMEA Account Management Team Leader in the Global Marketing Solutions Department, Facebook, said that the new internet age revolves around being social. He furthermore explained that search rate increased by 2 percent only, the portals decreased by more than 20 percent and the social world grew by more than 50 percent.

Bolukçu shared with us examples which show that Facebook is about keeping the communication constantly alive and that word of mouth marketing generated internally is predictable and measurable.

Emphasizing that Facebook is not only about generating fans but the real effect is generated when the users talk among themselves, he also shared the research result which shows that WOMM in an online environment is almost as effective as the real life and a comScore report which shows that  Facebook fans engage their friends, too. He described Facebook as a WOMM machine and talked about how important ‘Sponsored Stories’ are at this point.

Product Updates

Doğa Öztürkcan, CEEMEA Client Partner in the Facebook Global Marketing Solutions department, talked about the product updates on Facebook Platform.

Delivering a detailed presentation of Facebook analytic system, Öztürkcan discussed that the new marketing tools make the user behaviors more visible, thus making the fan community more identifiable. The new metrics, she said, can date back up to July 19.

It was also shared that Facebook page advertorials are excluded from ‘sponsored stories’ and that everything posted on a page (text, activity, question..) can be used for advertorial purposes. We also learnt that the ads which are displayed to those who are not fans of the pages can yield 2 times greater return than the regular ads.

We observed in the presentation by Öztürkcan that the expanded premium ads open up a new social layer which allows commenting on the ads. According to Nielsen, Öztürkcan said, the 90 percent of the narrow-scoped masses can be reached through Facebook while the average is around 30 percent.

 Facebook Platform and Promotion Conditions

Serden Eren took the floor after Doğa Öztürkcan and talked about some restrictions of using the Facebook platform. He explained that these restrictions are for protecting both the users and the Facebook.

The presentation by Serden Eren was quite interesting since it was about the behaviours of the brands and the user confidentiality. It was shared during the presentation that display on the user profile without user consent as well as directing to untrue links are prohibited.

Eren also mentioned real tagging, not using Facebook API info on Facebook ads, not using Facebook platform tools for non-Facebook ads and the prohibition of gambling, betting, illegal content and nudity. As for alcohol, he explained that different applications take place in different countries.

Serdar Eren directed us to Facebook Promotion Rules page for details. He suggested that like action should be a prerequisite for the pages instead of a requirement.

One of the questions asked about Facebook was when the Timeline would go public. Upon the explanation that this new look would be available in a couple of weeks, the brand representatives raised questions and criticism about removing the false accounts and added how difficult it would be to comply with the fast change. In the meantime, we found out that Copyright team is one of the greatest teams of Facebook.

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