European Risk Capital and Turkish Internet Market

As parallel sessions got started in Webrazzi Summit, interesting topics and speakers have started to take their places in 4 rooms at the same time. In Diamond room, two sessions moderated by Robin Wauters from TechCrunch were held one after the other.

In the first session whose topic was European Risk Capital, Robin’s guests were Vincent Lambert  from Summit Partners which has a funding of 250 – 300 million euros and Roland Manger from EarlyBird Ventures, managing a half billion dollar fund and has also made an investment in PeakGames.

In this session guests pointed out that European Risk Capital market has turned towards the East, and as developing markets start to attract investors, Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic have started to be the most attractive countries.

Both speakers have stated that they care for talent concerning investment, while especially highlighting that mobile is one of the rising trends worldwide.

The question regarding what the major problem of European Risk Capital market is was responded in two ways: Roland said the interest in risk capital have decreased both in the Europe and the US, and sharing resources to rick capital in order to create funds gives concern.

Vincent answered this question by saying that one of the most important problems is company valuation, adding that American-style valued companies do not always fit in European market and there are some conceptual barriers in this field.

In the second session which was moderated by Robin, guests talked about the reasons as to why Turkey is a hot market. The guests were Cem Sertoğlu from Young Turk Ventures which focus on early start-ups, Imran Akram from Fidelity Growth Partner with 100 million pound fund and Wouter Gort from Atomico Ventures, which opened its Turkey office today.

One of the reasons as to why Turkey is recently a hot market is Turkish internet market is getting more attractive these days. There are a lot of reasons to this, but GittiGidiyor acquisition by eBay is very important as it reveals some big opportunities Turkish internet market offers.

Other reasons is the large population and the fact that it is getting more and more used to spend money online and the positive trend in Turkish economy.

Original Post: Avrupa Risk Sermayesi ve Türkiye İnternet Pazarı

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