Twitter For Good: Changing the World on Twitter

Claire Diaz Ortiz from Twitter was at Webrazzi Summit 2011 via video conferencing from the US. Ortiz, the author of Twitter for Good, said that Twitter is not merely a social platform but a news sharing tool, adding that the shares on Twitter have a tremendous impression and how this can be used for a good return.

Ortiz said the company has seen how effective Twitter usage can be on political events after the events in Iran, and this has affected Twitter’s attitude. Then, she talked about how Twitter can effectively be used by the help of Target.Write.Explore.Engage.Track.

Target: Ortiz said targeting on Twitter (information, personalized, and charity accounts) should be done correctly, while adding that American Red Cross organization @redcross has had a bad experience, but it did not flee from Twitter and corrected its situation. Ortiz also gave mentioned about @ushahidi, @johnwoodRTR, @surfrider and @RoomtoRead accounts.

Write: Ortiz said that writing in 140 characters can be a passion while it is prejudiced, giving the example of @kanyewest. The media shares of Charity Water Organization (photo of the day) were also given as an example of effective and rich ways to speak aloud on Twitter.

Engage: Claire Diaz Ortiz said you can interact with your people even if you are not a celebrity, and suggested to use # and @, and Twitter lists. She also noted that interaction is also linked to the success in targeting and writing.

Explore: Ortiz says Twitter is an important platform to explore, you can efficiently use Twitter by spending just 20 minutes a day and exemplified @firesideint @nickkristof, and @globalcitizenYR.

Tracking: Ortiz told that Twitter can be a major platform for ngo’s, and could be more effective with tracking and analysis, mentioning, @roomtoread, @johnwoodr2r accounts and RowfeederFavstarBacktweetTwitalyzer tools.

Ortiz answered the questions saying that Twitter will be wishing to open an office in Turkey, while she suggested those who tweet in two languages to do it on one account.

If you want to make something good using Twitter, you can watch the promo video for Claire Diaz Ortiz‘s book below:

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