Christian H. Gallardo Talked About ‘The Power of the Graph’ in Webrazzi Summit

The last guest of Webrazzi Summit 2011 was Christian Hernandez Gallardo, Facebook’s Head of International Business Development. Gallardo mentioned about the power of Facebook’s social network structure and Turkey’s interest in Facebook in his speech titled “The Power of the Graph”.

Gallardo told Turkey’s large internet ecosystem has been further highlighted with global investment companies showing interest in our country, mentioning Three F for Turkey.

Gallardo said Family, Football Teams and Facebook is important to Turkey, and he included Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray game on Facebook in his speech.

Gallardo continued to this speech saying that the social network structure of Facebook’s graph architecture joined people, what they share, say and play. Gallardo said Turkey is one of the top 3 countries in Facebook platform, noting that sharing culture is one of Turkey’s traditions, and he learned that Facebook is called Feys by the FB users in a coffee shop.  Gallardo from El Salvador believes that we share more than any other places in the world.

Gallardo mentioned that there are more than 30 million Turkish accounts on Facebook, which has an architecture that enables entrepreneurs and brands create exciting experiences.

In his presentation, Gallardo told new terminologies are being created at F8, while adding that interactions between people and objects will be on social network; which means we will see actions like watch, listen and read on Facebook.

Gallardo said that Facebook’s new profile structure Timeline offers both control and personalization, and he added that the company is cooperatively working with 33 European companies, giving examples from Turkey.

Gallardo said there are successful local examples including 48 million videos are watched on Facebook via, Peak Games has reached 19 million users per month, Mynet has achieved 120 percent growth in a year, and 1M links are shared monthly on Hürriyet. Gallardo also pointed out that mostly news and football is shared on Facebook.

Gallardo said Like button is a simple feature which is about to be outdated, and that FB can offer newer features and better experiences. He said that FB is aware of the impact of TV and has managed to have 70 percent of all viewers vote for Star Akademi .

Christian Hernandez Gallardo lastly said we have to lay importance on objects (let people talk about your brand), create an identity, and focus on actions. Gallardo also mentioned on F8 İstanbul held today, and said that he wants to visit Turkey every month with Amina Belghiti.

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