ComScore: Europe’s Most Engaged Users are in Turkey

comScore’s last report reveals that Turkey is the 3rd in Europe by the number of internet users in Europe. August data show that 23.1 million of 372 million internet users in Europe live in Turkey.

I reluctantly want to remind you again that comScore report includes age 15+ and home and work locations users, while it states that total number of internet users worldwide is 1.411.178. (According to InternetWorldStats, this number is more than 2 billion.)

In Europe, Germany comes the first by the number of internet users. There are 50.4 million internet users in Germany internet ecosystem where Berlin is considered a center for new startups. It is followed by Russia with 49.9 million users and France with 42.4 million users.

While UK is the 4th with 37.2 million users, Italy is the 5th with 23.6 million users and it is followed by Turkey with 23.1 m users, becoming the 6th in European countries.

Turkey InThe Foreground

While comScore has highlighted Turkey in its August report, it also announces that comScore Managing Director Mike Read will be speaking at Webrazzi Summit. August report also shows that United Kingdom has the highest engagement (with users spending 35 hours online), while the Netherlands ranked second (32.8 hours per month), closely followed by Turkey becoming the 3rd on the list with an average of 32.7 hours spent online. As average pages per visitor, Turkey has the highest consumption amongst all countries reported.

comScore also reports that Turkey has spent a total of 45.3 billion minutes online in the warmest month of summer. Facebook is the most engaging site with 13.1 billion minutes spent on the site, accounting for nearly 30 percent of all time spent online during the month.

We can consider Turkish internet users the most engaged internet users in Europe when total time spent online and page views are taken into account.

We have spent 4 billion minutes in Microsoft sites, while 3.9 billion minutes in Google sites, while the sum of these two cannot reach Facebook. The global giants are followed by Mynet, Aksoy Group (with Sahibinden) and DK Gazetecilik.

When we consider the investments Turkish internet startups have got, and the interest we catch as Webrazzi, we will be talking about a larger internet ecosystem in Turkey in 2012.

Original Post: ComScore: Avrupa’nın En Aktif İnternet Kullanıcıları Türkiye’de

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