A Confident Service for Travel Planners from Turkcell

We have learned that the new travel service Turkcell has been working on for a while is finally online. , called a personal travel assistant, is confidently making its first appearance in a hot, competitive field.

The service wants to be a real travel assistant, while we can see that it sells not only airline tickets, but also bus tickets and makes recommendations for various combinations (bus+airline). The service is very successful in terms of user experience and interface, and it also makes it possible for users to make bookings just by sending an SMS.

The service also lets you plan your travel suitable that is for your pocket with advanced ticket search filters including departure and arrival times, travel times and number of connections. The service also lets you review if there is in-flight catering and all the brief information. does have some features that make it a real assistant, for example you can set reminders for up to 15 days for a discount ticket. If you are a family ticket buyer, you can set up your favorite travelers and save time. For this, you need to pick travel mates.

Plus, you can set up notification SMS to be sent to persons you chose when you arrive, for this all you have to do is add 3 people to notification group. has all national airlines in one platform. The website says you cannot find Turkish Airlines, Atlasjet and Pegasus all together elsewhere. The service also includes international 700 airline companies. (We had learned that has the same capacity for international tickets.)

You can use all of the services just by building your profile on and see your travels on “My Travels” page. I believe the improvement of travel section and process of the data are very critical for the future of the project. The service is planning to give a customer number and call center password to its customers to provide safe and secure service. It also caught my attention that the service has added various travel cards to the system. doesn’t only make ticket purchase easier; its info pages for local and foreign cities make travel planning a breeze. Supported by Turkcell services, information services give support to

Turkcell will also provide opportunity tickets and it seems that partner promotions with airline companies will be available on

The service will also serve as mobile travel assistant, and its mobile applications will be online soon. Hotels will be added to the system later on. I can say that is one of the best (maybe the best) product of Turkcell ever, because there is a large experience behind the service, for Turkey which has a large potential for tourism and travel.

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  1. Wayne Ager |

    I’m having a very bad experience with right now. They cancelled my flight without telling me and so I was stranded in a foreign airport until I found the money to buy a new ticket. They are blaming responsibilty on the airline however the airline are asking me to contact Now I have lost 170 euros. I would like to use their service regularly but now I’m not so sure.


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