Women Will Love This Start-up: VanilyaClub

A Project similar to American Birchbox.com and European Glossybox.co.uk went online in Turkey on October 1st and it is called VanilyaClub! As founders Mustafa Ekim and Beri Bener have told me, they have already started to look for investment opportunities.

The website works like this: You sign up for monthly subscription, and then receive 4-5 free trial products of latest luxury products ranging from hair care to make-up, and skin care to perfumes to your home. Users can win gift vouchers for products that like, and they can even buy them with free shipping option. Co-founder Mustafa Ekim says the website will be launched on October 1st and there are already 15,000 invitation requests.

We are all aware of the great interest women recently show in e-trading. My personal opinion is that women, particularly working women who do not have time to try new products will show great interest in this service. Vanilya Club owners chose to describe their start-up with a video.

The founders have also added they did not postpone their work on social media side and first they worked on Facebook. VanilyaClub Facebook page has already reached 8,000 users.

VanilyaClub has an exclusive offer for Webrazzi users, for the launch of the service. If you use the promotion code CVANILYACLUB on subscription, you will only pay 9 TL instead of 15 TL for the first month you use the service.

We will wait and see where VanilyaClub will position itself in the market.

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