Markafoni’s Sister Site MissPera Is Online

In the past weeks, we shared the news on a new website based on hearsay information and our researches, and finally Markafoni’s new sister website MissPera has gone online.

As we have said on the article dated 27 September, MissPera is a service that is similar to Zizigo, but it focuses on cosmetics. And as Zizigo does, it is planning to offer its services with free return and shipping options, in order to provide customer satisfaction.

These days, vertical e-commerce start-ups are on the rise. So we will be following the level of success that Markafoni, which has diversified its services first with shoes then with cosmetics, catches with MissPera.

Though both sisters and soul mates with Zizigo, MissPera has a whole different design. Let me also point out that it has gone online in beta stage, as we have noticed on its logo.

You can read our first article on MissPera here, and have a look at the services at

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