Peak Games Gets 11,5 Million Dolar Investment

We have earlier written about Turkey’s popular social gaming company Peak Games received investment from Hummingbird Ventures and Earlybird Venture Capital. Peak Games came to the fore again with its partnership with RockYou.

Today we have heard that the company has received a new investment. The company does not want to make an official statement on the investment for the time being, but Peak Games has officially received a new round investment from an investment company called Alpha Investment Partners. At this point, what is left unannounced is the amount of investment.

We have heard from sources close to the company that the investment Alpha Investment has made is 11.5 million dollars, which is 16,50% of all Peak Games shares. Considering this figure, the valuation of the company with this new round is nearly 70 million dollars.

It is not very common for a relatively young company (not 1 year yet) to have 70 million dollar valuation in Turkey. We can relate this to the fact that Peak Games, which is a successful gaming company in active in global markets, gets investment from global investment companies and Turkis market is active in this area.

As I have said, it is officially certain that Alpha Investment has made an investment in Peak Games, however the company has not verified the amount yet.

We will be sharing any statements or developments with you.

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