Zynga Game Cards Are in Turkey via Mikro Odeme: Zynga.com.tr

Mikro Odeme, the micro payment platform, is continuing to expand its works on payment systems with its new brand, 3Pay. As a result of these studies, the game cards Zynga has offered all around the world are in Turkey now.

The cards  are sold at Zynga.com.tr with prices 4.50, 12.00, 23.00 and 46.00 TL and can be used for all Zynga games. Zynga cards can be purchased by mobile payment and credit cards, and they are sold for TL value, which causes no value loss for dollar-TL exchange. Plus, Zynga gives gifts inside the game when you use cards.

Zynga cards are not sold yet and we have learned that Mikro Odeme will start negotiations on the issue in a very short time. The company is planning to sell Zynga cards in 1 communications center, 1 tech market and 1 books-and-music chain store.

Zynga apparently gives importance on the issue which was shared on Zynga’s Facebook page for Empries & Allies. We have talked to Can Ali Avunduk from Mikro Odeme, Zynga’s only distributor in Turkey, who said that they are getting offers from major companies for co branding and various brands want to give away Zynga cards as promotion.

Zynga games are not as popular as they once were, but majority of Facebook users still use Zynga games today thanks to the variety of Zynga games. The estimated number of monthly users Zynga in Turkey is 10 million and I believe that Zynga’s products will be offered in Turkey much fast with Mikro Odeme.

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