Markafoni Continues To Expand Globally with Poland

After finalizing Naspers investment, Markafoni has been launched in Ploand with its own brand name, following Australia, Ukraine and Greece. Markafoni Poland will be offering services at It is one of the first 3 shopping clubs in Poland and is aiming to be at the top of the list.

Naspers subsidiary MIH-Allegro bought nearly 70% of Markafoni shares, making the company a subsidiary of Naspers, which is a 23 billion dollars multimedia giant operating in 129 countries. MIH Allegro has a strong position in Polish e-trading market and took its first step to speed up Markafoni’s global expansion by launching Markafoni Poland.

Poland is an important market for Markafoni. You might have read about why Markafoni chose Poland at Considering that female population is 4 times as male population in Poland, we do not need more reasons.

Here are Markafoni’s reasons on choosing Poland;

  1. Markafoni has already got private shopping clubs in Ukraine and Greece and has a sufficient amount of know-how and experience on the region’s market.
  2. 70 percent of Markafoni was bought by Naspers operating in 129 countries and now it is taking firm steps forward being a global brand. Also the fact that Naspers subsidiary MIH-Allegro is very active in Polish e-commerce market was an important reason for Markafoni choosing Poland.
  3.  Poland economy draws a stable picture even in the times of global crisis, and its growth is faster compared to the average of European Union. Moreover, e-commerce is growing faster than general economy in Poland. One of the last annual studies reveal that e-commerce is one of the most dynamic industries in Poland.
  4. An article published in The Economist shows that Poland is the 5th in the list of countries having the best life qualities in the region.

Markafoni’s first target is to reach women aging between 19-49 in Poland. The company is planning to reach its target audience using online ads, TV shows on women and fashion, movie theaters and outdoor ads. Markafoni has started to advertise on TV in Turkey, and it can be an advantage to advertise in Poland beforehand.

Markafoni can get some advantages by offering consumer friendly services in Poland (product range, professional customer services, convenient payment options, 2 times fast delivery…) to be the leader in the market. is one of the first three private shopping clubs in Poland and it is aiming to the industry leader. Considering its experience and support, there are no reasons for why Markafoni cannot achieve this goal. Of course online e-trading websites are not the only competitors fronting Markafoni. There are a large number of shops that can attract female consumers in Poland.

Markafoni will be operating in 8 more countries in the coming period and is planning to double its members until March 2012. The company grew by 300 percent in the first half of 2011. Markafoni founder and CEO Sina Afra had an interview with Webrazzi and said that Markafoni has 3.5 million members and told about the rise of the company and its last position.

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