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If you’ve heard of ZipCar, the shared car rental service, you should know that it has a replacement is Turkey, which is What makes Zipcar and AtlaGit different from other car rental services is that these two services offer a membership model that enables users to rent the vehicles in specific parking areas for the time you choose and leave those vehicles in those parking areas again.

Let me give you further info on shared car rental service. These services offer membership model, which give you an exclusive member card. If you need a vehicle, first you check the availability of the nearest vehicle via phone or online. Upon getting a positive reply, you find that vehicle and step on the wheels after showing your member card to the card reader in the rented vehicle. Also, you pay as you drive it, and costs including gas are not your concern.

The costs for having an automobile, and traffic and parking problems particularly in major cities led the launch of Zipcar in 2000. In this sense, Atlagit has taken a successful step by offering this model in Turkey. The founders Muhsin Güler and Murat Selçuk say that AtlaGit is a profitable offer for those who drive less than 12.000 kilometers a year.

This year a mobile application called Get Around caught the attentions in Mashable Awards and Techcrunch Disrupt. This service offering shared car rental drew the attention by making it possible for its users to rent other users’ cars, and the service is managed by a mobile application in a very smart way. The service, which is called the AirBNB for cars, should control security and user issues very well, as discussed lately. Atlagit also aims to be more user-friendly with mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry, etc.

When considering that Zipcar has received investment of 235 million dollars since 2000 and has shares in the stock market, we can say that AtlaGit is a model that will work perfectly. As Zipcar has bought Avancar in Barcelona and Streetcar in London, aiming the European market, it would be correct to say that AtlaGit is on the right track. Another automobile rental service from the US called Relayrides has 5 million dollars investment.

AtlaGit requires more capital than most internet based start-ups, and offers service with 3 different models in 3 parking areas in Şişli. I hope the company has made a survey before determining this location and has online marketing on its radar. The company will locate the new cars in Nişantaşı, while it might offer more effective service if it serves not only in areas that are densely populated, but also in suburban areas.

In the online world, where first hand car sales have started, automobile world is gaining importance. It is also very possible that this project which leads an environmental path merges with the future of electric automobiles. I believe this business model with examples including will get investment in Turkey.

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