comScore Report: Two Turkish Websites Among Europe’s Most Visited Newspaper Sites

comScore published a report revealing the performance of online users and newspaper websites. comScore’s report reviews Europe in 49 sections, highlighting usage behaviors of 368.6 million unique users. The report shows that Holland, United Kingdom and Turkey are on the fast rise again.

Total time spent online in Europe in June is 26.1 hours per person, but this time is as much as 31 hours in total in the 3 countries mentioned above.

comScore report also shows that there are 22.967 million unique visitors in Turkey, while each visitor views 3.4 pages on average.

Hürriyet and Milliyet are in Top 5 for Europe’s Online Newspaper Websites

A total of 167.2 million unique usrs have visited newspaper websites in June 2011.This means an increase of 11 percent compared to last year, and comes with an average of 40.5 usage per month.

Europe’s most visited newspaper website British Daily Mail, comes the second worldwide with 17.2 unique visitors. It is followed by The Guardian on the list for Europe, with an average of 13.5 million visitors. Europe’s most popular 3rd newspaper website is German Bild, which is visited by 9.9 million unique visitors per month.

There are not any Turkish newspaper sites in the top 3, but the 4. and 5. sites are Hürriyet and Milliyet. Hurrriyet has 9.5 million unique visitors per month, and Milliyet has 8.8 million.

Turkey’s most visited newspaper sites Hürriyet and Milliyet are in top 10 for Turkey according to Alexa. Milliyet is the 7th, and Hürriyet is the 8th on the list. While Google Adplanner predictions come from behind, competition between the two is reflected in  Compete’e as you can see below.

comScore’s report shows that Milliyet is followed by French Le Monde and Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda. The other 3 newspapers in the top 10 list are NY Times, Le Figaro and RIA Novosti.

Newspapers on the Traditional Side

When we have a look at printed media, according to Turkish Statistical Institute report, the number of magazines and newspapers in our country in 2010 have increased by 6.4 percent compared to 2009, and 6.459 newspapers and magazines were published. The rate of newspapers is 43 percent in total.

The newspapers published in 2010 are local by 90 percent, 3.3 of them are regional and 6.7 of them are national papers. 94.6 percent of total annual circulation is made up by newspapers. Total annual circulation of magazines and newspapers published in Turkey in 2010 is 2.57 billion and 94.6 percent of this is made by newspapers.

We have to note that 8 national newspapers have developed a total of 11 iPad applications in Turkey.

Summer Did Good For Vacation/Travel Sites

comScore also gives info on Europe’s most visited websites. While Google reaches 335.3 million European users in total and continue to be the first on the list, it is followed by Microsoft with 259.8 million users, and social network giant Facebook with 246.3 million visitors as the 3rd. We cannot see any Turkish websites with more than 30 million visitors on the list.

While the largest growth is achieved by in May-June according to comScore, vacation/travel sites including Agoda and has grown as much as 15 percent. It also says that Expedia has grown by 7 percent, with increasing visits coming from TripAdvisor sites.

Social networks continue to be important stops of our online lives. We spend most of our time by social networking. Vkontakte lost 6 percent compared to previous month while Twitter seems to make it to the bottom of the list with 36,3 million visitors. Facebook is still the number one among social networks with 246.3 million unique visitors and 151.4 page views. It appears the fact that Google+ achieved 25 million visitors in 1 month doesn’t really bother Facebook.

Original Post: comScore Raporu: Avrupa’nın En Çok Ziyaret Edilen Gazete Siteleri Arasında İki Türk

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