2011 2. Quarter Internet and Telecommunication Report Published by ICTA

ICTA has published its report for 2011 2. quarter figures for telecommunications and internet market in Turkey which it shares after each quarter.

The report reveals that there are nearly 11 million broadband internet subscribers by the end of June, 2011 in Turkey. While there are many latest developments in Turkish internet market (investments, acquisitions, new opportunities…), it is a good sign for both local and foreign investors that the number of those developments is counting up. As Sina Afra wrote in his article in the previous weeks which was published on Business Insider afterwards, Turkey’s potential is hot and growing without slowing down.

To support this discussion, ICTA’s very valuable regular reports include important data to present to foreign investors and analyze your start-up.

Another catchy thing in the report is the distribution of broadband internet subscribers. Though DSL penetration seems to slow down, it is pleasing to see a growth of 20 percent in total when compared to previous quarter.

The report also has various information ranging from info on 118 services to the competition between operators. You can reach the whole report on ICTA website and download it. You can find the whole report below.

BTK 2011 2. Ceyrek Raporu

Original Post: İnternet ve Telekom 2011 2. Çeyrek Raporu Yayınlandı

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