The Most Popular 20 Websites in Turkey according to comScore in June

comScore‘s reports for “popular websites” for Turkey always grab the attentions. According to June report, the most visited website in Turkey is still, but Facebook is gradually making up the difference.

While is on the top of the list, comScore report reveals that it has reached 95 percent of all Turkish internet users (older than 15 and except cyber cafes), which is more than 22 million people. It is followed by, which has reached se 21.2 million users (92.5 percent), making the difference between Google less than 1 million users. The 3rd most visited website in Turkey in June is with 16.4 million unique visitors.

Google is on the 4th place with (with 15.5 million visitors), while is the 5th on the list with 13.7 million visitors, and on the 12th place with more than 9.2 million visitors. Youtube is followed by Dailymotion and Nokta’s Nokta is on the 10th place with also

comScore report reveals that Mynet is on the 8th place with 11.6 million monthly visitors. While is the 9th, and are on the list representing Microsoft. We have to note that Microsoft has a small effect on Facebook’s visitor amount.

Turkey’s well-known sites including,,,,, Donanı and make up the rest of the top 20 list.

While the number of Turkish internet users is growing rapidly, our active internet usage in Europe and interest in new services continue to grab the attentions. Though the top of the list does not change largely, the speed Turkey has gained is heating up the competition between websites. I hope there will be more Turkish start-ups in this list in the coming years.

Original Post: comScore’a Göre Haziran Ayında Türkiye’nin En Popüler 20 Web Sitesi

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