Intel Capital Made Grupanya Investment – Grupanya’s Value is About 40 Million Dollars!

We have learned that Intel Capital’s Grupanya investment, which we shared based on the hearsays we received in March, has been finalized as 25th July. This investment is the second biggest investment in Turkey’s internet market following Intel Capital’s investment in Nokta.

We have contacted Grupanya on the investment; but it did not want to make any comments at the moment.

However according to sources close to the company, the contracts have been signed and as we have shared on our first article, Intel Capital has become Grupanya’s minority shareholder, one of the most important actors of group shopping, at about 40 million dollars valuation.

I believe this is a very important development for Turkish market, and that the companies will probably give us the details on Intel Capital Grupanya investment in the following days.

We will be updating this article in case of new developments.

Original Post: Intel Capital Grupanya Yatırımını Gerçekleştirdi – Grupanya’nın Değeri Yaklaşık 40 Milyon Dolar!

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