Turkey Internet Usage Data from TTNET for 21 June

TTNET‘s official blog published a striking article with data for June 21, the longest day of the year, written by Şahin Şen, Vice President of Operations. The article shows that TTNET ADSL subscribers reached a speed of 500,00 Gbps on June 21 and total Internet use has reached an amount of  3458 Terabyte.

While Internet is mostly used between 10 and 11 pm during the day, 207,292 TB data has been transferred in this period of time. The second busiest hour is between 3 and 4 pm, when 204,792 TB data were used. You can see the visuals on the rest of the article.

Total Cumulative Internet Usage: 3,458 TB

Şahin Şen also reviews the activities using Internet traffic the most. On the Internet, subscribers watch videos the most, the rate of video watching (excluding YouTube) is 28.97%, while YouTube makes up of 8.47% of total Internet consumption. Facebook and YouTube are followed by Dailymotion, İzlesene and Vidivodo, which consists 2.46% of total Internet usage. When all video websites are considered, total video consumption reaches 39.88%. It means that when Facebook videos are ignored, watching videos make up of 40% of whole Internet consumption in Turkey.


When only Facebook is reviewed, the service makes up of 4.07% of whole usage. While Web navigation consumes 27.88% bandwidth, P2P file sharing is calculated as 13.80%, Web downloading consumes 6.54% bandwidth. TTNET’s Tivibu service is also included in the list, having a share of 2.44 percent. While Facebook consumes 4 percent, Tivibu reaches nearly 2.44 percent of the total share, which can be considered a success.

Turkey – Total Active Subscribers

The article also shares figures of active subscribers in Turkey, which reveal that nearly 3 million users are online at every hour in a day. While Internet is used between 9 pm–12 am the mostly, it is the least used between 4–6 am.

The information publicly shared by TTNET, the greatest broadband internet service provider, is, I think, highly valuable for the industry. We are more than pleased that statistic data, which Webrazzi tried to share with readers relying on predictions since the first day, are now shared by official authorities. At least we do not have to make predictions on such issues and we can rely on specific data before talking. In short, we can say we are at ease now.

Original Post: TTNET’ten Türkiye İnternet Kullanım Verileri

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