Trendyol Gets Investment from Kleiner Perkins!

[SPECIAL NEWS] Though yet to be confirmed, we have heard that popular private shopping club Trendyol has completed new round of investment funding.

The investment was made by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the investor of world’s giants including Groupon, Zynga and Twitter, and Trendyol has been valuated at a level of nearly 150 million dollars. As there are more than one investment and share transfers in this round, we are hearing of various share valuations between 100 million and 150 million dollars.

Tiger Global also made some investment at this round, while we have learned that Kleiner Perkins provided a large part of the investment. Tiger is said to provided an investment at the level of 100-110 million dollars at this round.

We are receiving various unconfirmed information on the investment, but we can say that the total amount is between 25-30 million dollars as our sources say.

While the company received nearly 4.3 million TL and then 10 million dollars in two different rounds from Tiger Global, it has brought its valuation and total investment amount to an extraordinary level with the speed it has gained in 1.5 years in Turkey market.

Before Kleiner Perkins’s Trendyol investment, which is the first in Turkey, Tiger Global acquired some Trendyol shareholders’ shares and some of those shareholders left. We will share any new information about these persons with you immediately. However as we have heard Yalçın Ayaydın is not among those shareholders who left.

Trendyol officials have not made a comment on the issue yet and do not confirm the investment.

We will be updating this news.

This news is Webrazzi’s special news. Webrazzi will take legal actions against those who publish this news without giving reference.

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