Pilli Network Changing Its Shell

Pilli Network has an important place in Turkish web world, and is getting ready to renew itself these days. Hasan Yalçınkaya has become the only owner of Pilli with share sales between partners a short while ago, and yesterday he wrote an article titled change on Pilli Blog, stating that Pilli has started to change its shell.

First, Pilli left its income distribution model which it had adopted for years. As you know, Pilli blogs distributed 70 percent of the income from ads among its authors. Hasan Yalçınyaka said that this model has trouble creating value now, attributing this to several internal and external and right reasons. After that, he gave some signals on what changes Pilli will go through.

Yalçınkaya says the team will develop Pilli’s infrastructure over again and close some unpopular blogs and pass on their contents to another pillinetwork website. He adds that the new system will use a vote-based moderation like Reddit and Digg, and this new model will have a tighter spam prevention and more editor intervention.

Pilli is one of the pioneer projects in Turkey, and it served as an important model based on user-created original content. I hope that users will continue to contribute to the service in the change period and Pilli will continue to support its users with different earnings models.

Original Post: Pilli Network Kabuk Değiştiriyor

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