Private Shopping Club Gets $5M Dollars Investment From ePlanet Capital is one of the private shopping start-ups in Turkey, which is not very known to public yet, but is continuing with firm steps forward. It has recently finalized the investment negotiations that we have been hearing about for a while.

Investor of major companies including Skype and Baidu, ePlanet Capital has made an investment of 5 million dollars in

We also been informed that there will be a press meeting regarding the investment and the details of the investment will be shared there. in fact had long been having negotiations with ePlanet Capital, but we did not share this news within the negotiation period with you as we did not have any confirmed information on the issue, or any agreement news with the company.

As of yesterday, the investment of 5M dollars became official, and a very major agreement for Turkish internet market has been signed.

We have given the news with the heat of the moment, so we will update you as new information are received.

UPDATE: We have learned that ePlanet Capital had 21.50% of after the investment. You can see the percentage of the company’s shares below.

Original Post: ePlanet Capital’dan Özel Alışveriş Kulübü’a 5 Milyon Dolar Yatırım

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