Another New Private Shopping Site

Though not as popular as group shopping market, private shopping websites have also considerable amount of traffic. I am more interested in niche examples in e-commerce market, and here is a new player in this field, which I’m sure will attract you interest too., with Ersan Özer as investor, will be included in private shopping market very soon.

Yeni Moda will apply discount and time-limited campaigns which we are well accustomed to, and give place to products for home and children, in addition to clothes. As Yeni Moda will be more targeted on the traditional users, it is considered as a vertical start-up. We can see this traditionalism in both images and products very clearly.

Yeni Moda’s co-founder and board chairman is Zeynep Güzelsoy, who is ex-manager of ideefixe and Bonnyfood and is the leader of this start-up.

The company is registered under the name with 50,000 TL capital by Murat Ağırtaş, Levent Gültan, Burak Divanlıoğlu, Serkan Borançılı, Ersan Özer and Zeynep Güzelsoy. The founders of GittiGidiyor are outstanding among the names but we know that Ersan Özer has a more active role as an investor in this project. Magnet‘s General Manager Levent Gültan is also included in the board of management as a name close to Ersan Özer.

We have shared the news of Saklı Şehir with you before, which is a new start-up in a similar field. It is not online yet, but we can think that there are some names in competition in this field. We will be sharing the details with you.

Original Post: Ersan Özer’den Özel Alışveriş Yatırımı

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