Aksesu.com: A Little Brother is On The Way For Evim.net

As e-trading industry is getting larger, the number of niche projects is increasing each day. OZN Media stepped in private shopping market with Evim.net 4 months ago, and now it is getting ready to realize Aksesu.com, which will offer accessories sale.

Today it is a well-known fact that women are more active in e-trading both globally and locally, so Ali Özen and Şencan Özen brothers saw fit to make a brother to Evim.net with a new private shopping website which is for women at 70%.

Aksesu.com has a large product range from shoes, bags, and accessories to watches, glasses and cosmetics. We have also learned that Aksesu.com will focuse particularly on shoes, glasses and watches.

Going online at the first half of June, Aksesu.com is sharing the user database with Evim.net, while Evim.net members will be able to log in to Aksesu with the same username and passwords. The addresses and gift vouchers will be available on both websites.

Ali Özen has told us that Evim.net has reached 200 thousand members, which is a sufficient reason that Aksesu.com will catch a rising trend.

By the way, OZN Media is also the owner of domain names including Nevresim.com, Canta.com, Yastik.com and BebekBezi.com, in addition to aksesu.com. I believe the group will make use of these names in the coming period while realizing its vertical e-trading start-ups.

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