How Many Turks Are There on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, a business network, is one of the companies expanding with firm and quiet steps in the internet market of Turkey. Although it has not yet penetrated into the market as Facebook or Twitter has, I think it is safe to say that its database is increasingly getting stronger each day as a service drawing attention from the business world only.

In fact, it has recently been possible to see almost all professional contacts on LinkedIn. Those whom we think do not have an account have actually just signed up.

Having lately putting into effect the internal advertising network, LinkedIn provides the opportunity for targeting on a larger scale including Turkey. However, there is an issue; it is not yet possible to enter an advertising text with Turkish characters. When this issue is resolved, I assume LinkedIn will be a competitive alternative in terms of various advertising and marketing campaigns. I myself know very well that LinkedIn advertisements are especially efficient in areas such as human resources, education and organization.

Since this is the case, we have decided to conduct a much desired survey and share with you the number of LinkedIn members on a European basis

According to the survey results, Turkey is not yet at an attractive position on LinkedIn like it is on Facebook. Considering the dynamics of Turkish market, we can say that there is a significant number of Turkish users on this business world-oriented social network.

The survey we conducted is based on the official advertising network data on LinkedIn according to which there are 530.426 LinkedIn members from Turkey. This number places Turkey as the 11th country with greatest LinkedIn population in Europe.

The UK is by far on top of the list with 6.259.788 members and followed by Holland with 2.628.434 members. There are 2.371.492 LinkedIn members in France, 1.790.248 in Italy and 1.738.794 in Spain.

The number of LinkedIn members is 1.140.530 in Germany, the home country of XING, which acquired and entered into the Turkish market but later shut down the office and permanently returned to Germany. There are 837.816 LinkedIn members in Belgium, 698.982 in Sweden, 683.779 in Denmark, and 560.273 in Portugal which ranks just above Turkey on the list.

You may see the full list on the chart below. You can view the larger size of the chart if you click on it, as well.

I assume that the popularity of LinkedIn is increasing every day and the value of its advertising network will be even greater with the qualified population it has, therefore it is likely that we will be hearing more of LinkedIn in the Turkish market.

Considering the data mentioned above, Turkey, which has a big share on Facebook advertisements, will soon be caught on the radar of LinkedIn.

After all the data and the strategic ideas shared so far, what I would like to find out is whether the number of Turkish members on LinkedIn (530.426) reflects your estimations or not. Is this number below or above what you have estimated?

Original Post: LinkedIn’de Kaç Türk Kullanıcı Var?

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