Turkey Spends Third-Longest Time Online in Europe

comScore announced its Europe internet market March report. 363.7 million European internet users in the report spend 26 hours on average on internet last month. The monthly average in Turkey is 29.4 hours. This score makes us the country spending third-longest time online in Europe.

Remember that in 2009 we were the country spending most time online and here are the details of the report.

Internet habits in Europe

Most of the European internet users are in Germany. Germany with almost 50 million internet users is followed by Russia, France, the UK and Italy. Turkey ranks in the 6th place following them with 22.7 million internet users.

According to the report, we spend third longest time online and view second most pages. Dutch users, who are Linkedin regulars spend the most time online in Europe and view the most pages. British, on the other hand, spend more time online than us.

By the way, comScore reports exclude under 15 age group and public computers (internet cafes etc…). Internet World Stats predicts that there are 35 million internet users in Turkey; however we know that the internet population calculated by comScore which excludes under 15 age group and public computers is 33,164,308. So it would be safe to say there are nearly 35 million internet users in Turkey.

Popular Sites in Europe

Google sites attract the most European visitors. Microsoft sites are second and Facebook is the third. Google sites have 100 million more individual users than Facebook.com. Of course, when the time spent on the site is considered, things take a different turn.

The users spend monthly 285.7 minutes on average on Facebook, while 180.9 minutes are spent on Google sites. Visitors of Microsoft sites, however, spend 197.7 minutes on average per month. If you think most time is spent on Facebook, you are wrong. Because, the users of VKontakte.ru, a web site similar to Facebook, spend 405 minutes on average each month. Mail.ru follows Vkontakte with 310 minutes.

Wikimedia Foundation sites (Wikipedia, Wikiquotes…), Yahoo sites and eBay have the most visitors after the first 3 most popular sites. There are not any Turkish sites in this long list but we can clearly see that our viewing score for Dailymotion.com is quite significant.

The report especially mentions Spanish internet market and the interest taken by Spanish people on the social networks. Please see the full report here.

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