Swabr.com: Microblogging Effect on Enterprise Communication

Our online communication story started with e-mail; however social media communication occupies a larger place in our lives today. This trend is now beyond individual patterns and inspires enterprise communication. Swabr.com is a good example for it.

Swabr.com, a web site which is defined as the blackboard of companies and organizations, is founded by Ayhan Koçak, a name you may be familiar with if you have heard of MangırKart. Swabr, basically aims to support communication among teams and reduce e-mail traffic. In the simplest sense, Swabr is like Friendfeed or Facebook groups which are specially formed for business tracking reasons.

When enterprises move their workflows onto internet, improve co-operation and adapt to social media-based online communication, it is called Enterprise 2.0. Swabr is a part of this concept and attempts to substitute “Enterprise Microblogging” instead of corporate or organizational e-mail communication.

You can follow your friends on Swabr like on Twitter; add someone else to your conversation with @. You can upload documents and photos, like comments, send a copy of the conversation to your inbox. You can receive the replies sent to you in the conversations or the messages mentioning you etc. via e-mail. If you keep logged on Swabr, the news are visible on the site like Facebook.

Being published both in English and German, Swabr also records your business history. You can see who is doing what on the service where personal profiles are available for everyone to see. When the employees update their status, you can see who is interested in what without disturbing anyone.

Documents, photos and links can be viewed separately in the contents section. Although I have not seen it on the site yet, it will be possible to create groups of marketing, management etc. on Swabr and determine their entry permission. Members will gain their reputation according to their interaction within the service. This may provide a rewarding mechanism.

Swabr was developed by Ayhan Koçak and during the first stages it was used as the enterprise social network by studentSN employees. Similarly, while Mangır Kart team was using Swabr, studentSN and MangırKart founders believed that Swabr would be influential with its practicality and supported Ayhan Koçak.

My personal opinion is that the interface of Swabr is simpler and more effective than Backpackit. I encouraged our small team to use it and I think it is time to announce that Swabr has sent 100 invitations especially for Webrazzi. Enter your e-mail address and type webrazzi as invitation code to become a Swabr.com member.

Remember that Swabr is currently registering by corporate e-mail only; you need an invitation from a registered member to sign up with a public e-mail.

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