ICTA Published 2011 1. Quarter Report on Turkey Market Data

ICTA (Information and Communication Technologies Authority) end of quarter report was published. The report shows that there are more than 9 million broadband Internet subscribers in Turkey by the end of March 2011.

The most attention-grabbing thing in the report is that ADSL market and mobile broadband market are in different reports. As you know, number of mobile broadband users increased rapidly with 3G and became a major competitive to ADSL. As of March 2011 the number of mobile broadband subscribers has gone beyond 1.8 million. It means that more than 15% of broadband market has been mobile subscribers.

no. Broadband Subscribers


no. Mobile Broadband Subscribers

Another gripping thing is that the tr. web sites and their IP numbers are published in the report as a first. As of end of March 2011, there are nearly 250 thousand “.tr” web sites and 23% of them are inaccessible, either blocked, or off or for some other reasons. Besides, 19% of these web sites are hosted in foreign countries.

.tr Web Sites

.tr Uzantılı Web Sitelerinin Barındırıldığı Ülkeler

In satellite platform market, 65% of the market is Digiturk, while 35% is D-Smart, and 118 services reach an average of 6.5 million TL per month.

You can reach the complete report here.

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