TTNET Traffic Shares from Tahsin Yılmaz

I guess most of our readers know TTNET GM Tahsin Yılmaz well. Tahsin Yılmaz is not only a good example to how a general manager of one of the large foundation should use social media with his Twitter account, but also informs the industry of data and information that are not easily accessible.

Tahsin Yılmaz took various positions in 3 GSM operators before, and is the General Manager of TTNET since the beginning of 2008. He uses Twitter very actively these days, and it is possible to say that Yılmaz uses social media very effectively. He does a lot of right things with social media, including sharing information about the foundation he works for, doing the marketing for it without going too far, sharing his personal experiences and most important of all, interacting with his followers. All these make Tahsin Yılmaz a valuable example to a senior executive using social media and a valuable source to follow on it.

Tahsin Yılmaz shared traffic rates of TTNET for 11st and 12nd May on Twitter. You can see how the total of 3.2 Petabyte traffic for TTNET subscribers is distributed for 2 days.

These data show that Turkish users show much interest in online videos. 32.68% of all traffic is made up of videos (excluding YouTube). I guess the reason for YouTube being excluded is that it gets a huge amount of traffic by itself, so the graph excludes YouTube and makes it easier to interpret the data easily. When you add YouTube of 7.86 percent, 40,54% 3.2 Petabyte traffic (approx. 1.29 PB) is made up of online videos by itself. This percentage climbs even higher if you take Tivibu with 3.07% traffic as online video.

The second largest traffic from TTNET users is made up of web surfing by 28.23%. It is followed by P2P file download with 10.86%. When we add this to the rate of download via Web percentage which is 7.24%, we see that TTNET users download 593 Terabyte files only in 2 days.For those concerned, it makes roughly 135 thousand DVDs

Tahsin Yılmaz stated that he would continue to share these kind of data from time to time. We are looking forward to having more detailed information to be shared…

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