Sevenice Gets Investment from Swiss Company and Becomes Sevenice Switzerland

Sevenice, founded by Gökçen Karan and Publishing Sponsor of Webrazzi Agenda’s, is becoming a Switzerland company with the investment and start-up capital it has received from Switzerland. The company makes videos for Internet, advertising and presentation videos and corporate apps for Facebook and iPhone, and it will be re-established in Switzerland.

Sevenice attended an annually held project ideas competition held by an organization called “Self-employed  micro credit and consultancy companies” (ziel selbststaendig) constitution, supported by various companies including Kantonal Bank, Stadt Zurich and MIGROS kulturprozent and led by Zurich Foundation, and gained the right to receive start-up capital as one of the 20 candidates in the final among 600 project ideas.

Founed in 2008, Sevenice had been operating as a brand of Cinetopia Gmbh, a DVD rental chain and multimedia company in Switzerland, since 2010. Sevenice proved to be a valuable partner with its operations held under Cinetopia Gmbh,and the Ahmet Alabalık, one of the partners of Cinetopia, agreed to make an investment of 400 thousand Swiss franks ($ 450 thousand) to Sevenice’s new company to be established.

The new company will be partnered by Ahmet Alabalık and Gökçen Karan, while targeting Swiss and Turkish market. The company will change its name and logo and become Sevenice Switzerland. I believe we will hear about Sevenice, owned by one of the most well-known names in the industry, and a very active businessman in Turkey’s online video market, Gökçen Karan, in the Swiss market.

I believe that Sevenice will succeed in Switzerland, with the help of the experiences it has hot in Turkey. As you know, we generally write on foreign companies in Turkish market and their investments, when a Turkish company is restructuring for Swiss market, we have an unfamiliar feeling .

We congratulate Sevenice team on this new investment it has received and wish success in Switzerland market.

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