Tiger Global and Emre Kurttepeli’s Co-investment: Sporcum.com

Tiger Global, known for its investments in companies including MynetTrendyol and Yonja Media Group, has been realizing its investments at close contact with Emre Kurttepeli, and now it has partnered with him for a project this time. This project is called Sporcum.com, and while giving service with traditional e-trading model focusing on sportswear, shoes and accessories, it provides sales offers on its “Offers” page.

We have learned that Tiger Global and Emre Kurttepeli have partnered for the start-up with 50% shares. While the service is already providing service for a vertical population, it also highlights its line by focusing solely on sports products.

Emre Kurttepeli had participated in Webrazzi Agenda: E-Commerce meeting held in March 16, and told about the opportunities in vertical e-commerce and his interest in this field. While stating that there were higher profit margins in this field when compared to conventional e-trading models, he also added that he wanted to make investments in this area.

Emre Kurttepeli’s Sporcum.com investment and his 50% share partnership with Tiger Global on this investment have another strategic significance.

Tiger Global’s authorized person Lee Fixel, who has always been closely involved with the company’s investment decisions in Turkey, is also in the members’ board of Brazil based NetShoes, which gives the same service as Sporcum.com. So we can say that this co-investment is not only a step into an open area in Turkey’s internet market, but also a part of a successfully designed global strategy.

Sporcum.com will try to create its own market in shoe industry as Pabbuc and Zizigo did, and if it becomes successful, will probably be bought by another e-trading group that is providing global service. At the moment it seems that this possibility will be realized in parallel to NetShoes, but before that Sporcum.com will need to create its own user population and make higher margins in Turkey.

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