FriendFeed’s Destiny is in the Hands of Turkish Internet Users

FriendFeed has been standing by itself since it was acquired by Facebook in August 2009 and naturally it has lost the users’ interest once it had. Now there is one country supporting globally. And this country is, yes you are right, Turkey.

Facebook had stated that it acquired FriendFeed as an investment in its human sources, and both FriendFeed’s founders and Facebook CEO Bret Taylor had said that Facebook would not make any improvements to FriendFeed. Webrazzi’s guest author, Nazım Kaya did an interview with Bret Taylor, who stated that he has read our articles on FriendFeed. You can click this link to read Nazım Kaya’s interview with Bret Taylor done in October.

As I have just said, FriendFeed, once one of the most popular services in social media, is now running out of steam, and the only country which is still keeping it alive and having nearly all of the traffic by itself is Turkey. Turkish Internet users continue to enjoy FriendFeed despite Twitter’s popularity in the country. We wanted to share updated traffic data of FriendFeed with you and asked from comScore for a report on the service. They didn’t turn us down and shared the data on the service’s global traffic for March 2011.

Turkey has the largest number of users visiting FriendFeed globally

The data from comScore reveals that the number of unique visitors of FriendFeed globally in March is 2.042 million, while this number from only Turkey is 430 thousand. This means that an approximate of 21% of the service’s whole traffic is created by Turkish internet users. This number once again shows that the country which uses FriendFeed most is Turkey.

The data also shows that FriendFeed reaches 1.9% of all Turkish Internet users, and the service does not have such high penetration in none of other countries.

Here I want to remind that, we made a similar analysis for Twitter, again based on comScore data, and we shared that Twitter had nearly 4 million users in Turkey and reached 16.6% of Turkey’s Internet penetration.

Turkey is followed by Japan, USA, Russia and Italia on the list. But as you can see on the complete list, there is a big gap between USA and Japan, which has 413 thousand unique visitors in March 2011. And USA provides traffic of only 144 thousand for FriendFeed.

Let’s see when its users will leave FriendFeed which has been seeing a declining trend in Turkey these days. They say the captain does not abandon the ship before the crew, but apparently captain America has already left.

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