16.6% Turkish Internet Users are on Twitter!

comScore has published a report today, listing the countries with the highest percentage of Twitter and LinkedIn usage.

The report reveals that 26.1% of Dutch internet users have signed up for LinkedIn and Twitter. This rate makes Netherlands the country with the most LinkedIn and Twitter use, which means almost quarter of users log in to these web sites.

We see Turkey on the same list of countries in internet penetration for LinkedIn and Twitter. The report shows that 16.6% of Turkish internet users use Twitter and this rate makes Turkey the 8. country among countries with the highest penetration rate for Twitter, the most popular service of social media.

Below table shows the whole list comScore has shared.

There are almost 4 million Twitter users in Turkey!

I do not know the number of Turkish inter users for this period comScore has measured, however December 2010 data shows that the number of Turkish internet users older than 15 was 22.571.000 back then.

We can say that this 16.6% Twitter penetration shows us that there are 3.746.786 Twitter users in Turkey. The numbers must have increased in time, so it won’t be wrong to guess that there are almost 4 million Twitter users in Turkey.


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