Share Sales Between Pilli’s Partners

Webrazzi readers know closely about Pilli, one of the innovative companies in Turkish internet market, which has the ownership of popular websites including, , the social network sosyomat and innovative storage and file sharing service We have learned that there has been a share sale between Pilli’s two partners.

Thruogh all these years, the two partners of Pilli were Hasan Yalçınkaya and Cem Başpınar. The partners had shared 50% of all the services Pilli owned until yesterday when they announced that they have split ways and Cem Başpınar sold his shares to Hasan Yalçınkaya, quitting from partnership of the company.

I have talked to Cem Başpınar on this issue, and he told me that he had no problems with Hasan Yalçınkaya and made this decision to spare time for both new projects and consultancy for product design. Cem Başpınar also confirmed that Hasan Yalçınkaya bought his shares too, adding that he cannot give info on the numbers.

Considering the value of, one of Pilli services being online with a small-scale investment from Golden Horn Ventures and, which has not lost its popularity over the years, I believe Pilli’s value is nearly as much as 1 million dollars now. But I don’t think that Hasan Yalçınkaya gave 500 thousand dollars to Cem Başpınar for 50 percent of its shares. However I guess that a share sale of a few hundred thousand Turkish liras has occurred between the two.

I asked Cem Başpınar if he would have share from a probable Pilli acquisition in the future, and he said such a thing would not happen.

To be honest, I feel a little bit sad that one of the two valuable names has separated his way and left Pilli, whose sites have the most successful designs with their user interfaces and minimalist profiles. However I consider this separation as a fact that Cem Başpınar will be able to make his own projects and “the sector has won another start-up owner” and I find relief thinking this way.

This partnership change will not cause any change in general operation of Pilli and will strengthen Hasan Yalçınkaya’a hand in the event that Pilli group is sold, as it attracts investors and various companies nearly every year. But to be frank, I have not heard of any negotiations for such an acquisition these days, and if there were any, Cem Başpınar would not sell his shares, as I presume.

I wish success and luck to both of my friends with this decision, I hope that it will be a good change for them and their initiatives.

Original Post: Pilli’de Ortaklar Arasında Hisse Satışı Gerçekleşti

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