Social Gaming Company Peak Games Gets Investment of $5M from Earlybird Venture Capital

Social gaming company Peak Games drew attention since the very first day, and got 1,5 million dollars investment from Hummingbird Ventures a short while ago.

Founded by Sidar Şahin in October 2010, the company reached a considerable growth with not only the high number of users by its games, but also the sales figures.

This led to high interest towards Peak Games on foreign investors’ side, and finally the large-scale investment has come.

As we have learned today, Europe based investment company Earlybird Venture Capital made an investment of 5 million dollars in Peak Games. We had first hear of this news last week, and today we have both parties confirm it as the papers have been signed. Also, official information with details have been sent to us by the company today.

Early Bird Venture Capital got 23.81% share for 5 million dollars

The investment was made within Series A, and Earlybird Venture Capital acquired 23.81% shares of Peak Games. On the table beside you can see how the share percentages of partners are reflected to official records following the investment.

2 million active users per day, 10 million monthly

As you can see on below infograph and considering the information we got from the company, Peak Games has increased its sales rate by 3216% between December 2010 and May 2011, while it reaches 2 million active users per day and 10 million users per month.

The investment will support the company’s growth in Turkey, Middle East and South Africa

The investment of 5 million dollars from Earlybird Venture Capital will support Peak Games’ growth in Turkey, Middle East and South Africa.

When you consider it is predicted that Facebook will reach a population of 250 million in Turkey and Middle East North Africa area in 2015, it gets easier to understand the vision of Earlybird Venture Capital’s investment and why Peak Games focused on thoese areas.

By the way, Turkey and MENA area creates a population of 55 million in total on Facebook.

A team of 50 and a total of 9 games with branches in 5 countries

The company of 50 people owns 9 games so far and these are: PokerStar, Okey, OkeyPlus, Komşu Şehir (Neighbor City), Komşu Kabile (Neighbor Tribe), İkonkız (Icongirl), Bizim Dünya (Our World), Komşu Çiflik (Neighbor Ranch) and Petiler.

One of the most popular of them is without doubt Okey, which has been downloaded 14 million times. Also, an adaptation of Zynga’s popular game Farmville, Komşu Çiftlik has nearly 4 million farms so far.

Below you can see the infographic that Peak Games has shared with us. This infograph includes both figures and stats about the company.

While Turkey internet market will attract more investors, investment news will also increase

We have been writing on the interest of foreign investors in Turkey’s internet market on a lot of articles these days. While this interest is growing incrementally, we will be hearing about similar news on major investments as the 5 million dollar investment Peak Games got from Europe.

On this point, it is important that start-ups with appropriate business models are realized with suitable teams without losing time, because Turkey is not lacking investors, but is lacking entrepreneurs as opposed to previous years.

If Turkey’s internet market can solve this bottleneck of entrepreneurs in this period when it has caught the potential for investors, it can take place in the top list of major countries for European internet start-ups.

Big congrats to Peak Games team and its investors on their success which is particularly important for the whole market.

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