BKM Report: 2011 1. Quarter Volume of Internet Trading Reaches 4.8 Billion TRY

Interbank Card Center (BKM) has announced the data for e-trading use for the first 3 months of 2011. The report reveals that credit card transactions on e-commerce websites have increased by 40%, which is promising for the future.

According to BKM data, in the first 3 month period of year 2011, the number of transactions of the purchase we have done on etrading websites using local and foreign credits cards has exceeded 28 million. This shows a 40% increase when compared to the same period of last year, increasing etrading turnover by 45%, reaching 4.8 billion TRY (approx. $3 billion). The users making online shopping on etrading websites have paid 172 TRY per purchase on average, and they have done 217 transactions per minute on average.

According to the results that are similarly positive as 3rd quarter of 2010, service industry is the one with the most payment. It is followed by airlines, electronics products and computers.

Service industry increased its turnover by 96%, reaching 790 million TRY compared to last year, while the number of transactions increased by 63%. It is also added in the report that service industry includes businesses such as fitness centers and restaurants, which shows clearly that e-trading has gained speed with group shopping. Tax payments are also included in this category, and it reveals the variety of use fields of credit cards.

Airline category is on the top of the list among all payments, which can be interpreted that the people who prefer to travel by airlines are trying to speed up e-trading, too. This category has increased its turnover by 56% when compared to last year’s first quarter, while the number of transactions has increased by 31%. We have spent as much as 247 TRY on average per transaction.

Another category that is on the top of the list is electronics consumables and computers. This category includes mobile purchases too, and expenses per transactions have reached 190 TRY. While male consumers are more interested in electronics than female, women consumers prefer cosmetics and textile products while shopping online.

I believe that 2011 first quarter data will be a good reference for e-trading potential of Turkey, which is among the very few Internet populations worldwide, and the figures will keep up the rise and continue to support the start-ups in these fields. When the last status is considered, the total number of credit cards by 2011 February exceeds 47.4 million and can say that our Internet trading volume will be over 20 billion TRY this year.

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