Dakick.com: Social Time Guide

Another brand new Turkish start-up has been launched. Backed by experienced names, dakick.com enters our lives as a social calendar with the motto “time guide”.

Serkan Ünsal, founder of Fasulye Bilişim and Webrazzi author, Alper Akcan, co-founder of Mikro Ödeme and Soysal Demir, co-founder of Sodamedya have partnered for dakick.com and are helping us to plan our social lives for free.

We are more than busy in our lives, with time consuming jobs, and even more time consuming cyber world and it is getting harder to catch the real world every day. Here is where Dakick.com comes in and helps users follow artists, events and places.

Dakick.com is tag-based and adds both the real world and TV world to your personal calendar. You can both make your time plan with tags you can choose based on your interests, and exchange thoughts with people with the same interests.

Today dakick.com’s database has as much as 700 thousand notable names and more than 1.000 place alternatives. Dakick.com can be considered a step toward future’s semantic web world, while it aims to provide accurate results to its users with a few tags. It will also be possible to add customized tags to calendars via relations between content and data modeling.

It is another success of the project that it received investment from Aksoy Internet Ventures even before it got online. Founder of sahibinden.com and Vice Chairman of Aksoy Group Taner Aksoy also says that he believes in the project and that the first investment will be of success.

Dakick.com will provide a number of services in various forms to its users and we can say that its earnings model will be powered by online ticket sales.

As the service will operate interactively with social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, it is probable that the project will further develop. At this point you might think of an iPhone application, and you’re right, the service’s iPhone app will be launched in the following period and I think that it will be when the service will obtain maximum user loyalty. The project will be available in English by the end of summer and in the USA, and I believe it will attract foreign investors with its English version.

We hope that dakick.com will be successful and increase the interest for local projects in Turkey.

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